The Uslan Company

Speaking Engagements

Michael E. Uslan is not only recognized for his talents behind the scenes with the films he has helped usher to the screen, but also for his talents behind the podium as a sought after speaker for corporate groups, universities and professional associations.

His recent commencement speech for graduates of his Alma Mater, Indiana University, was named one of the ten best commencement speeches of all time by USA Today. Since the release of The Dark Knight, Uslan has told his inspiring story of perseverance and fortitude against all odds to more than 50 audiences around the country.

Here’s what some of his past audiences have had to say about him:
As one member put it, yours is a story of inspiration; you can accomplish anything, no matter how many times you are told "no," if you really have your mind, and your heart, set on it. I know I speak for our group when I say that there was no better message for our constituency at this time in our careers - and this time in our economy. Thank you for inspiring our group.

Kristen See
Executive Director, Young Presidents Organization, Florida Chapter

I thought you should know that your recent visit there REALLY boosted morale! The Corps loved your speech. THANK YOU for leaving them with a wonderful (and fun) concept that they could all embrace during this time when they face such a serious future.

Gina Paddock
Mother of West Point Graduate

Overall, this was a fantastic event that far exceeded my expectations and was absolutely worth every penny (and then some)! Mt. Uslan is flexible, accommodating, and extraordinarily pleasant to work with. He is a great speaker with a powerful life story, a persuasive personal message, and a refreshingly humorous and humble presentation style. He is a speaker who is not to be missed.

Mary O'Loughlin
Georgetown University

...Michael Uslan was an unqualified success for the Dr. Jeremy D. Brown Millenium Leader Scholarship Luncheon. Out of all ten luncheons we have held, Michael Uslan was the best. We have heard more positive comments and received better feedback than ever before. Words like "brilliant," "perfect," "fantastic" and "excellent" captured almost every participant's sentiment.

Bruce Q. Whitehair
Vice President for Development and Marketing
Edinboro University